Our brand spankin' new album "That For This" is finally here!!!

Dirty Dancing new album 'That For This'

Released by GLOSS Records. Get it in glorious yellow vinyl from their online store here.

You can also stream & download the album from our Bandcamp here.

If you're in the Milwaukee area you can also get it the old fashioned way by grabbing a copy in person at The Exclusive Company on Farwell or Rush Mor Records in Bayview!

Also available on all of the regular online plaforms:
Apple Music

And you best believe we're celebrating with a banger release show at Club Garibaldi's on May 18th.

This will also be our first show with our newest member to the DD family, Ian Ehrnstrom, on guitar. He's filled the void Neil's left since he moved to FL very, very, very well, and we're stoked to have him on board.

Presenting the new music video for “When We First Met”!!!

Directed by Eric Schoen & Ian Anderson
Produced by Eric Schoen
Video Shot by Ian Anderson
Written by Eric Schoen & Ian Anderson
Edited by Eric Schoen
All Animation by Eric Schoen
Visual Effects by Eric Schoen & Ian Anderson

Starring Eric Schoen, Audrey Pennings, Max Williamson, Bethany Richardson, Ryan Baker, Neil Larson, Travis McDonnell, Eriq Tews, Catface Killa, & The Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra

Big Thanks to High Dive Milwaukee & Best Fish for letting us shoot at their beautiful locations! The video got some nice press from Milwaukee Record that you can check out here.

Soooooo, let's see. We're playing a siiiick show with one of our FAVORITE Milwuakee bands, NO/NO, this Friday at Cactus Club with an excellent touring band, Shana Falana (NY), and Ravi Lola (local).

We had a blast at the Quarter's Show earlier this month with Platinum Boys, Little Big Bangs, and Sex Scenes. And we're working on a new music vid. So that's pretty cool.

We officially present the new music video for "Don't Wanna Be Satisfied"

There's also a nice article from Milwuakee Record about it here. Maybe someday we'll actually release these songs!

Dirty Dancing is welcoming a new drummer, Travis McDonnell. He's a pretty cool guy. He likes music. We like music. Seems like a perfect fit! He also plays in another pretty cool local band, Future Plans. They good. Check 'em out. Also, we want to wish Ryan all the best with his future plans for music making. He's an extremely talented musician and a good dude, and we're sure that whatever he does will be fucking awesome.

Our first show with Travis will be Saturday, Sept 24th at High Dive. Besides it being a rad bill with two of our favorite MKE bands, Soup Moat & Dream Vacation, it's also a benefit for a cause that is really personal to me. My good friend Greg Oja (an awesome local musician himself as the guitarist for No Brainer) is in poor health and fighting for his life. He's one of the sweetest guys I know and am proud to be able to help him and Jaime out way I/we can. So please come and know that your money will be going to help people who really deserve it.

So, as it turns out, that last show at Quarter's was in fact our last show. We spent a year looking for another gutiarist to replace Neil, which took a loooong fucking time, but we finally found one: Neil. He's back from Virginia and we're reteaching him how to shovel snow, get drunk on weekdays, and play electric guitar. We've basically been on hiatus for over a year now and are extremely jacked, swolled, and juiced to be playing again. AND HOLY FUCKING HELL DID WE EVER GET A FUCKING GREAT SHOW TO RETURN ON:

Cactus Club - Saturday, Oct 24th
With none other than Protomartyr (Detroit, MI / Hardly Art Records) & Amanda X (Philadelphia, PA)! We've been listening to Protomartyr for a while now ever since stumbling across their music on Soundcloud a couple years ago and have just started listening to Amanda X. This show is going to be off the (insert whatever object you usually use to control yourself)!

Also, NEW SONG!:

OK, so we are pretty stoked about this new show:

Quarter's on Thursday, July 31st

It's with Winter Bear and Kia Rap Princes, both rad as fuck groups. Also, Neil is moving to Virginia at the end of August, so this may very well be his last show with Dirty Dancing. He's been a VERY integral part of the band for the past two years, and though we HATE to see him leave, we wish him the very best of luck. SO, don't miss what could be your last chance to see him shake his beautiful skinny ass!

Also, NEW SONG!:


Center Street Free Space on Friday, April 18th

Quarter's Rock 'N Roll Palace on Sunday, April 20th
(4/20 duuuuuuuude. dude.)

Milwaukee Psych Fest Night Three, EARLY SHOW on Saturday, April 26th

later that same night at Quarters on Saturday, April 26th

Circle A on Saturday, May 3rd

Papa's Social Club on on Friday, May 16th

Also, we have a fucking bass player now. Mr. Max Williamson is now part of the crew. He likes long walks on the beach, girls with a great sense of humor, and talking loudly.

AND While you're combing your hair, getting ready for these shows, and talking to yourself in the mirror, YOU CAN LISTEN TO THIS NEW SONG:

We got a couple a shows coming up:

Cactus Club on Friday, Jan. 24th. ( We're pretty excited for this one since we're playing with some good friends, Static Eyes and Drugs Dragons. They're pretty awesome, but don't take our word for it. Come and see for yourself, ya dingus.)

and Quarter's Rock 'N Roll Palace on Saturday, Feb 1st.

Also, he's been in the crew for a little while now, but we never made the official announcement that Mr. Ryan Baker is our new drummer. We like him and think he's pretty neat and stuff. We're pretty sure you will too.

Playing at Mickey's in Madison on Saturday, Dec 14th.

Also, a new show at Cactus Club on Jan. 24th. Details coming soon...


We got a few new shows coming up:

Be there or be pentakaidecagon.

NEW SHOW announced.

Also, here's a new banger Neil and I have been working on:

We got some new songs in the works, may even decide to release a new album this summer...

Here's a sneak peak of a new song: